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“Tim and Amy are second to none!! Their customer service is amazing, the job they do in your home is amazing, and they will do everything in their power they can for you. They’re not just in your home to clean your carpets, they will build a relationship with you and take care of you like you’re their own.”

Jennifer W.

“The owner who cleaned our place did a fabulous job as the carpet was quite stained. He also did ceramic tiles in front of our fireplace and they now look like new.”

Christine T.

“I was very happy with the service and end result of my carpet cleaning experience through Green Leaf Chem-Dry, especially since, even though I did not move some of my bigger furniture, Tim cleaned closely around those pieces and even moved some of the smaller pieces to clean underneath. The carpets dried very quickly too, so I wasn’t too concerned about walking on them a few hours after they had been cleaned.”

Stephanie E.

“Amazing experience. From 1st call to the end great Friendly service, I had an off-white sectional with lots of bad marks and we were about to throw it and get a new one, we had party planned and had only a few days and I took Tim’s word and trusted him , he said he will get it cleaned and will be 85 percent marks gone we just got it cleaned to look brand new 95 percent marks gone Tim was very friendly very detailed and trustworthy he did an amazing job and we are very happy, I recommend Tim and Amy they will take care of you Amy had to work hard to get everything done for today awesome job.”

Manojie D.

“Having used numerous companies in the past I felt reluctant to hire Green Leaf Chem-Dry and thankfully it was an awesome experience. My rug is back like new, the colors vivid, best cleaning ever. The upholstery and the rest of the carpet done also with the best results ever. I will recommend this company above all.”

Laura G.

“Thanks to Green Leaf Chem-Dry staff for their quick fantastic services that they did for me. My 6 dinning chairs had horrible stains that showed so badly on its white upholstery fabric. The cleaned chairs by Green Leaf Chem-Dry look now as if they are brand NEW and I was confident to receive my guests for dinning at my home. Great Job!”

Nagwa A.

“We had our office cleaned by Green Leaf Chem-Dry; With lots of coffee stains, we never thought they would come out completely, but Tim did a fantastic job. The service we received from that first phone call until the completion was very professional and friendly; a wonderful couple to work with.”

Michelle C.

“I would recommend the carpet cleaning service and will use it again. The carpet had a fresh clean smell and look. Most of the stains were removed or made less apparent. I was receptive to the non-chemical cleaning.”

Roberta C.

“Tim is so incredibly thorough. Not only is their service offering incomparable to that of any other in the industry but their integrity as business owners and people put them in a class all of their own. I highly recommend contacting them ASAP!”

Jessikah R.

“Great service. They cleaned my carpets, some upholstery fabrics, and also worked on some older furniture. The difference between the old and new is astounding. Will definitely recommend them to my other Ontario friends and family for any get-togethers or events.”


“Thank you for giving my store tile look white and fresh again.”

Andrew E.

“Had a horrible urine smell from a cat who had diabetes. After Green Leaf Chem-Dry came, that smell is gone like the wind! Very friendly staff with a small business feel.”

Mark S.

“Professional, courteous and did a very thorough job! Tim was committed to the best possible result. Would highly recommend!”

Stacee O.

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